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Calling All Bargain Hunters

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Everyone knows that Peddler’s Village has a plethora of outstanding stores that foster a one of a kind shopping experience. But did you know that throughout the month of January, Peddler’s Village is featuring a month long savings event? If you are planning a stay at The Golden Plough Inn this month, you will be delighted with all of the sales and bargains available at the local shops. Every store from The Paper Chase and The Uncorked Artist to Savory Spice and The Celtic Rose will be participating in this event. No matter your tastes or style, Peddler’s Village has a store for you. The variety of shops is great, but it is the atmosphere that really makes Peddler’s Village so special. The peaceful surroundings and extremely helpful employees make shopping at the village a relaxing and enjoyable experience all year round. Of course, some incredible sales make the experience even better!