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Feeling Blue (It's A Good Thing)

Blueberries in bowl

On July 15-16, 2017, Peddler’s Village, located just minutes from The Golden Plough Inn, will bring a whole new meaning to feeling blue. The extremely popular Bluegrass and Blueberries Festival takes place that weekend and features delicious blueberry inspired food as well as plenty of live country and bluegrass music. The fun starts at 10AM on both days and doesn’t end until 6PM. On Saturday, the Peddler’s Village shops will stay open until 8. Local acts like Borderline, a Bucks County favorite, and national recording artists like Ray Owen will be playing their takes on bluegrass music all weekend long. The real stars of the show, though, are the blueberries. There will be fresh, locally grown blueberries from Bechdolt’s Orchards Farm stand. Additionally, there will be numerous blueberry treats like pies, jellies, butter, fudge, and soda that you will surely want to taste. There will even be fun activities for the kids, so this festival is perfect for the whole family.