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Plan A Peddler's Village Peek

Exterior of Peddlers Inn with a sign stating welcome to Peddlers Village

To experience the warmth and hospitality of Bucks County, you need look no farther than charming Peddler's Village. With next-door access from the Golden Plough Inn, it couldn't be easier and your trip won't be complete until you've wandered through many of the 65 unique shops and boutiques. With the beautiful sights of parties, picnics, reunions and even weddings, it's easy to see why more than two million visitors flock here each year to be a part of any and every celebration. Bring home a piece of the beautiful spectacle by visiting contemporary crafts fairs, sidewalk sales and even apple festivals and gingerbread house competitions. Don't' miss the period between Thanksgiving and New Years, when you can marvel at the more than 1 million lights that illuminate the village. There truly is no better sight.

Address: Peddler's Village