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Very Bavarian

Soft pretzels & beer

It’s time to say "auf wiedersehen" to the old year and look ahead to next year and the exciting upcoming festivals and events going on in Peddler’s Village, including "Bavaria in Bucks." This event celebrates all things Bavarian and runs from January 14th to the 16th. Visitors to Peddler’s Village can enjoy traditional Bavarian food, wine and dinner events as well as Bavarian-themed entertainment. But that’s not all January has to offer visitors, there’s also a month-long January sales event going on at all Peddler’s Village shops, it’s almost like a whole extra month of Christmas. So look ahead to your next visit to the Golden Plough Inn, where your only worries will be fitting all your new souvenirs in your suitcase!

Address: Peddler’s Village, New Hope